Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guerrilla Marketing? Bah! Try Bigfoot Marketing!

A day late and a dollar short, my friends.

What was originally going to be a post for Monday quickly turned into a Tuesday evening write-up.  Why the delay?  Well, as they say in every bad Vietnam flick out there... "We're in the $#@* now..."

Bigfoot comic book marketing 101 Mat Nastos
Coffee... beer... Bigfoot marketing plan...

Meaning, we're deep into figuring out how to market this beast we call Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman.

"Bigfoot with a broadsword..."

"Bigfoot the Barbarian..."

"Bigfoot of Mars..."

You'd think a marketing plan for a sasquatch fighting evildoers on a backwards alien planet would write itself.

Sadly, that was my first mistake.

Lesson #1... You know nothing about marketing.

Thankfully, as we get closer and closer to announcing a release date, I had the good sense to listen to a business-minded cousin of mine (thanks, Nate!)  His words to me, "Any business book will tell you how to research a marketing plan... you just have read up on it and start doing it."

Fair enough, but... um... where to start?  The last time I checked, Barnes & Noble had an entire section devoted to marketing and business and every time I searched "marketing plan" in Amazon I get a different set of books.  I write comics, I don't know how to sell 'em!

Lesson #2... They're not going to sell themselves.

Finally, after clicking and stumbling my way through numerous sites hyping their wares and spreadsheets, I stumbled upon an ebook by Mat Nastos for a whopping $4.99, "Comic Book Marketing 101".  At this stage, five bucks is a worthy investment when compared to the cost of printing.

Do I envision it will be the Rosetta Stone into the elusive world of profits?  Not at all, but at least it's a start.  And hey, now I know what a S.W.O.T. Analysis chart is...

Marketing 101... we'll keep you posted.

Or we can always fall back to the tactics outlined here...


Until next time...

Josh S. Henaman

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