Monday, July 23, 2012

Hmmm... curious? Or just a play on words?

What's up, Bigfoot crew?  Bigfootians?  Sasquacha... ah, forget it.

For those in the know (or for those who have been around since we launched this little production blog back in January,) the genesis of our little comic book, Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman, had it's beginnings when I stumbled upon a photo of a tiny Bigfoot sitting on a rock.  The location?  Mars.

bigfoot sword earthman comic book barbarian graphic novel
Enough dilly-dallying!  Give me some updates!

The reason I'm blogging about this (again) is to remind everyone that this image was an actual NASA photograph taken by the Spirit rover.  Now, it's up for debate on whether or not it really is a tiny Bigfoot captured on film (come on, it's REAL... isn't it?) but you have to give credit where credit is due.  Thanks to the entire ground crew, engineers, smarty pants people who put it all together, our little book wouldn't be happening if they hadn't gotten there first.  

And now they're doing it again!

Bigfoot Sword Earthman comic book barbarian graphic novel NASA curiosity rover
Say hello... to Curiosity

Needless to say, we're a little stoked.

They're expecting touchdown on August 4th or 5th, so stay tuned!  If you're in the Pasadena, CA area you can even attend "Planetfest - 2012!"

As large as a car!  Or an old 18th century buggy.
So why exactly am I excited about this?  Because three years ago I had an idea for a comic book.  That comic was inspired by an image captured by a robotic rover over 54 million kilometers away.  The rover, dubbed Spirit Mer-A (Mars Exploration Rover - A,) was designed by a group of men and women with varying backgrounds, yet all with the sole desire to reach beyond what anyone thought was possible.      

Whatever your dream is... dream big.  

We're almost there.  

Josh S. Henaman

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