Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bigfoot Four... The Reviews!

Spring is a memory, summer is waning and Autumn is just around the corner...

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Issue 4 already!? We're over halfway there!

Sounds like the perfect time for a Bigfoot comic recap!

More specifically, let's see what everyone's been saying about Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman #4, "The Poachers of Turonia!"

"If you're looking for something odd and epic, Bigfoot is turning out to be a pretty cool comic." -- Greg Burgas, Comics Should Be Good, Comic Book Resources

"This is one of the most impressive creator-owned series I've read in a while... I guarantee you will love this." -- Cody "Thorverine" Ferrell, Comic Book Therapy

"This has been one hell of a series!" -- Cory Thrall, Bag & Bored

"You should be reading this comic. Like right now, you should be reading it." -- Ben Rhodes, Fanboy Comics

"It's an exciting sci-fi epic that wouldn't look out of place if it were a summer blockbuster movie!" -- Nicolo Parungo, FlipGeeks

"I can honestly say I haven't had many WTF moments in my comics-reading career... Bigfoot was one of those moments... It continues to defy expectations!" -- Sean D. Daily

"Artist Taylor and colorist Bonvillain make this independent tale hit home!" -- Richard Boom, Comics for Sinners

"Possibly the best comic book concept of the year... Henaman, Taylor and Bonvillain have something that could take the comic world by storm!" -- Kristian Horn, Part-Time Fanboy

Josh has also been making the rounds, spreading the word and talking all things Bigfoot!

Slice of Sci-Fi Podcast!

In This Issue Podcast: Vol. 2, issue 43!

And finally, Josh did a couple of guest posts on BLEEDING COOL!! Within the posts, he talked about the plight of the self-publisher, what it took to find an artist and get it out there and ultimately what he had to do to get some of the most kickass stores out there interested in giving it a shot!

Bleeding Cool: Part One!
Bleeding Cool: Part Two!

We'll update this page as more reviews and odd shenanigans come in!


Josh S. Henaman