Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bigfoot #5... the Reviews!

So... we made it to issue #5 of this little Bigfoot comic book.

And I must say, it's my favorite.  Why? The final page.  The moment we've all been waiting for.  Everything we've been building up to... And no, I won't spoil it here.

So what's the word on the street?

"Five obligatory Conan references out of Five!" - Ben Rhodes, Fanboy Comics

"This is the perfect example of DIY comics... I'm sure going to miss this big and hairy warrior!" Cory Thrall, Bag & Bored

"Bottom line: This is the best issue yet. Everything has been building to this..." - Cody "The Thorverine" Ferrell, Comic Book Therapy

"I'm definitely sticking for the finale!" Alvin Minon, FlipGeeks

"This is a well-told story which is fun, entertaining, fantastical and just all-around great!" Richard Boom, Comics for Sinners

"Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman is one of the best self-published books out there!" Kristian Horn, Part-Time Fanboy

"A tremendous offering from a well-oiled creative team..." - Craig "Ceej" Neilsen, Big Comic Page

Also, in case you missed it...

An INTERVIEW w/Comic Book Therapy!

We'll post more as they come in!


Josh S. Henaman