Monday, April 9, 2012

Enter... Lord Jeoffa

“I have broken bread with great men.  Felled giants, kings and a congress of men you couldn’t possibly understand.  I have united barbarians, thieves and cutthroats.  Birthed armies… And you fear one simple desert whore?”
-Lord Jeoffa 

Villain Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman barbarian comic book

Pound for pound, if Korovan Muspin can match our hero in the physical department, Lord Jeoffa far surpasses them in the intellectual realm.  He has no equal.  As Prometheus brought fire to man, Lord Jeoffa promised the one thing the world needed more than anything… Peace.  And then he corrupted it… 

He is Lord Jeoffa.

He doesn’t want our hero dead…

He wants him broken. 

Until next time…

Josh S. Henaman

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