Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inspiration... part II

Hello again, everybody!

It's a short one today (Bigfoot Awareness Month has us stretched in all directions!)  So to break it up a little, here's an alternate interpretation of our hero.

bigfoot sword of the earthman barbarian comic book mascot jody rice
Can I have my sword back?

Bigfoot... the softer side.  Special thanks to Jody for the use of the adorable little hominid.

In other news, Andy and Tom are hard at work on some promos, so I thought I'd tease the artwork a bit with some inspirational sources...

Picture this:

Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman barbarian comic book knight in prayer image
A moment of calm...

And this:

Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman comic book foot stomp image
Who's stomping who?

And you can kind of see where we're going with the promos.

Yeah, it's a tease... but well worth it.

The finished pieces are going to blow you away.

And remember to celebrate B.A.M. in style!

Have a good one,

Josh "The Big Tease" Henaman

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