Monday, July 9, 2012

An "Enormous" Comicon!

Hey everybody!  It's Comicon time again and while Bigfoot won't have a presence there (cross your fingers for next year!) there will be another "sighting" to keep an eye out for...

bigfoot sword of the earthman logo designer tim daniel enormous comic san diego comicon

Tim Daniel will be on hand for the release of his and Mehdi Cheggour's "Enormous!"

As you know, Tim is responsible for the logo design of Bigfoot and has also worked with Brian Michael Bendis, Robert Kirkman and it seems like almost everyone under the Image banner.

Here are the details of his SDCC appearance:

"San Diego Comic Con is going to be Enormous! Visit Thurs-Sun at #2729 and get a copy of the book, t-shirts, bookmarks, prints before they are all gone!"

Also, be sure to check out the Image panel on Thursday for more Enormous shenanigans.  Tim will be on hand with a slew of additional creators to talk about their various Image releases.

If you're attending Comicon, swing by and support Tim & crew!  He's been a big part of the Bigfoot family for sometime now and we couldn't be more excited to see the debut of his book.  All that aside, Enormous looks pretty kickass, as well!

And down the road... we've got another announcement involving Mr. Daniel.

Have a good one!

Enormous is available this week!

Josh "Has a copy of Enormous waiting at his LCBS" Henaman

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