Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bigfoot... The Reviews!

UPDATED: We've added the great review from CBR's blog, "Comics Should Be Good" and Josh's guest reviews in Robot 6's column, "What Are You Reading?"


It's December and what better way to kick off the new month than to post some links of the happenings in November!

Critically, we're off to a fantastic start!  It was always a big question mark as to whether or not people would respond to a sword, sorcery and sasquatch comic book, but as the say in the film world... the reviews are in!

"Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman is kind of like mainlining the Planet Hulk series while mashing your face into some classic issue of Hellboy... it's full of bad craziness, giant aliens and awesomely pulpy art!"


"Bigfoot is one of those comics where it sounds like the creators were sitting around drinking and thinking of goofy ideas, and decided to run with one... Keep it up!"  

Greg Burgas - Comics Should Be Good/Comic Book Resources


"This is a smart, wild fusion mash-up of several genres/stories that has the legs (or feet) to go the distance!"


"Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman is one of those rare titles that make me remember how much fun comics can be."  


"It feels like Jack Kirby and Edgar Rice Burroughs had a love child, and that love child was awesome."


"A sword-slingin' Sasquatch fighting monsters and aliens on Mars?!  Sign me up!"


So there you have it.  We'll have many more reviews to come, but this Bigfoot comic book is off to a great start.

Finally, Josh was also a guest reviewer for Robot 6's "What Are You Reading?"  Check it out:

"What Are You Reading?"

Thanks for all the support!  And don't forget you can pick up Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman at any of the awesome stores listed above or you can order it directly from this site in our Bigfoot Store!

Have a good one!

Josh S. Henaman

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