Monday, January 30, 2012

Origin of the Species

In 1967, an unknown creature was photographed near Bluff Creek in Six Rivers National Forest, California.

Frame 352 Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman comic book inspiration

In 2004, over thirty years later, the Martian rover, Spirit, photographed the same creature overlooking a desolate alien landscape. 

Bigfoot on Mars comic book inspiration

In 2012, we find out how it got there. 

And there you have the “3 Stages of Bigfoot” in my life.  The first stage, as a kid in the 70’s (I wasn’t born until ’73,) involved being deathly terrified of the wooded area behind our house.    Thanks to Leonard Nimoy and “In Search Of…”, my early memories consisted of a constant loop of grainy footage and abnormally fantastic speculation.

The second stage would obviously end around 2004 – 2008.  2004 being the year Spirit continued its exploration of our sister planet and 2008 being the year we actually analyzed the footage.  Leading up to that point, a lifetime of skepticism and false hopes would replace the wonder of youth with the realities of adulthood. 

Until I stumbled upon a post in Cryptomundo.

Which leads us into the stage we’re living in now.  One in which we can point to that one question that kicked it all off…

“How did he get there?”


Up Next… “If your protagonist is mute… then how will we know what’s going on?”

Enter… Bagworm.

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