Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here we go...

“No one knows his name.”

“No one knows how he got here.”

“And after today… no one is about to ask…”

Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman barbarian comic book cover

Bigfoot with a broadsword.

There’s your pitch. Well, sure, if you’re looking for the simplest four-word synopsis. If you’re looking for something with some meat on it… Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman is a six-issue comic book involving America’s favorite gigantopithecus and his adventures in a far off barbarian world. A world of dinosaurs, warring tribes and… ah, more on that later.

But first, thank you for finding us. This is going to be the place to hear about the project. From finding an artist to submitting it to publishers (where we are right now,) we’re going to talk about it all. You’ll see artwork, interviews and hopefully few pitfalls as it navigates the waves and whims of the comic book and graphic novel world (but we’ll write about those as well.)

So wait, the first issue is done?

Yep, with twenty-two pages of killer artwork by Andy Taylor and outstanding colors by Thomas Bonvillain, the first issue of our sasquatch comic book, Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman, is ready to go. It’s not available for purchase yet, but that’s kind of the reason why this blog was started (above is the actual cover of the first issue!) The decision was made to start getting some stuff out there and building awareness. After two years, it’s time.

Up next… more on what the book is actually about.

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  1. Long live Bigfoot! The gaucho gives thumbs up to the bigfoot and will tune in to the blog to see what that furry bastard is up to next.

    Big ups and congrats on the project.