Monday, June 3, 2013

B.A.M. is back! And Bigfoot's taking names!

Welcome back, everybody!

I don't know how many of you frequent our Facebook page, but a few days ago I posted a brief blurb on last year's series of posts for the month of June (aka Bigfoot Awareness Month!)  Since we're in the comic book biz, and for the love of continuity, we're doing it again!

June... is ... Bigfoot Awareness Month!

And what better way to start than to give a rundown of what I consider the defining moments of the past three issues!


bigfoot sword earthman page 18 barbarian comic book graphic novel
Stinkin' bugs...
A berserk Bigfoot going ballistic on a swarm of deadly ant creatures... what's not to love?

The opening description on the scripted page reads: "Bigfoot kicks ass."  So naturally, Andy and Tom knocked it out of the park.

As much as I dote on the iconic look of a scarred and battle-weary Bigfoot on page 2, the image of our hero absolutely thrashing his way out of the swarm on page 18 sets the tone of where we'll ultimately take the book.  This isn't Harry and the Hendersons.  Amidst the underlying situational humor involved in the adventures of Bigfoot and his alien sidekick, Bagworm, this is a deadly serious world.

And page 19 continues the spectacle...

Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman page 19 beatdown comic book fight barbarian graphic novel
Punch, kick, body slam!
So yeah, this entire sequence sets the tone of our comic.

Up next... Josh's defining moment of issue #2!

Happy Bigfoot Awareness Month!

Josh S. Henaman

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