Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best of Bigfoot... Issue 3's Greatest Moment!

Hey everybody,

It's that time again!  A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks concerning Bigfoot.  First off, Bigfoot and I had a stellar showing at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!  Whether you're a fan or a creator, this show is a must.  We caught it in its first year, so it will only get bigger!  Highly recommended.

We also met some great retailers and have some things in the works, so we'll keep you posted on those updates!

Anyway, on with the greatest moment of issue 3!

As you know, I've been posting what I think are the greatest moments of the previous issues and I have to say Issue #3 has my favorite.  What I think is particularly awesome is that it's my favorite sequence not because it's some great action piece or some enormous splash page, but rather it's the emotion behind it.

Or more specifically, it's the subtle emotions we see from both Bigfoot and Bagworm.

Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman issue #3 bigfoot comic book bigfoot graphic novel barbarian comic

Okay, this panel isn't the most subtle, but it conveys Bagworm's anger perfectly.  Prior to this moment, all we knew of Bagworm is he's constantly talking about money and his desire to make his fortune.  Moments earlier, he actually had his future in his hands as he reveled in the treasures of Olympus Mons...

Until Bigfoot "saves him."

And it's in this moment that we see Bigfoot in an entirely different light.  Prior to this page, we never really knew what Bigfoot was thinking.  We didn't even really know if he understood what was going on.  He was more reactive than anything.  We knew Bagworm wanted to steal the Heart of the Sun, but  we didn't know what Bigfoot really wanted.

Until now...

Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman issue #3 bigfoot comic book graphic novel barbarian comic book

In one page, everything changes. 

We now know Bigfoot isn't just a "dumb animal."

He understands.  

And that's why I think this entire sequence is great.  Bigfoot isn't just a passive observer, he's an active participant... He "gets" what's happening.

And Bagworm realizes this as well.  

As a result, things go downhill fast.  And they're only going to get worse.  

Until next time...

Josh S. Henaman 

p.s. With three issues down, that can only mean we're ready for some teases of what's to come!


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