Monday, February 6, 2012

Format?! We don't need no stinkin' format!

Well, we do actually. 

Since we’ve already seen the first three pages of finished artwork over on the Facebook page, we thought it would be cool to share how it looked on the written page. 

Before we get started, we just want to point out that what you are about to see is what Andy works with when the script is handed to him.  Sometimes he'll get a photo reference and sometimes a lengthy follow-up email with some additional thoughts.  Mostly, he'll get the following and blaze a trail from there.  

Page 1:  

You'll notice that there really is no dialogue.  Only sound effects.  However, even without anyone speaking it rambled on for a page and a half.  

So let's take a look at it with artwork!

Page 2:  

Before you scroll down to the image after the following text, take a moment and read the words on the page.    

A pretty straightforward page, no?  

This is what Andy came up with...

The tag team of Andy with the colors of Tom make this piece one for the wall!  One of these days we'll have to get an in-depth analysis on their process. 

Page 3:  

This one rounds out the preview.  

And voila!

There you have it.  Battle-scarred, weary and with a little bit of desolate loneliness thrown in for good measure.  It was all written out, but it needed some great craftsmanship to bring it to life.  

Until next time...

Have a good one!
Josh S. Henaman

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