Monday, February 13, 2012

Who's Who... Bring on the Bad Guys

Not to be dismissive...  but if your hero is a certain sword-wielding Sasquatch, then you better be damn sure his rogues gallery is up for the challenge. 

Enter the fiery-skinned, horned daemon of the desert…  Korovan Muspin. 

Bigfoot comic book villain barbarian

Standing a good foot taller than Bigfoot’s already massive 7-foot frame, Korovan is a former warlord of the scattered tribes and now serves the great Lord Jeoffa, enemy of the Children of the Blue.

Intelligent, ruthless and ferociously unforgiving, Korovan is more than the muscle.  He is Lord Jeoffa’s will incarnate. 

No wonder his weapon of choice is a warhammer… all the better to bludgeon our heroes into submission. 

And we haven’t even gotten around to introducing Lord Jeoffa…

Until next time...

Josh S. Henaman

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