Monday, February 27, 2012

Who's Who... Part III

Time again for another character reveal…  Or in this case, not so much as a character, but an entire race.

What we have here... is an Avianna.

Alien race Bigfoot Earthman comic book character

While only briefly seen in the first issue, the race of Aviannas plays a big part in issues five and six… and beyond. 

Hunted and sold as “entertainment”, an Avianna, with its bright plumage and docile nature, is as frequent a sight within a slave labor camp as a vendor hocking his latest illicit wares.

Out in the wild, they’re a little harder to locate.  Found primarily within the Turonian jungle, the Aviannas can often enjoy a long life of play and communal living… that is, until the poachers arrive.

Equal parts dove, parrot and geisha, the design of the Avianna race was handed over to Andy with only one caveat... "Please don't give them any weird, backwards harpy bird legs."

Oh, and as a fun little tease, the chapter in which the Aviannas play a big part?  It’s called… “Black Market Death in the Jungles of Turonia”…

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Josh "Bird Legs" Henaman

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